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This article comes pretty much from memory after visting Guam 5-6 years ago. If any Guamanians can throw more light on the Taotao Mona, this article would be enriched by that.

Note - created by user Firstfox. I just created myself an account after doing this :-D

What kind of conversations, if any, are going on behind the scenes to properly guide the topic of this article?

The lead section provides a brief summary that highlights the article's main points. The structure is easy to comprehend but could provide more subheadings, details of Taotao Mo'na, and images or illustrations. The descriptions written under academic accounts and behavior of Taotao mo'na's are very broad which makes the topic unbalanced between facts and stories. The coverage of the article is neutral but requires more information. However, the information already listed on the Wikipedia article art relevant conversation starters. This article requires more references since it only includes three citations with one link that is marked as missing. Is it possible to re-cite this? RanCri (talk) 05:27, 30 January 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]