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Four Nickels in Pairs, Moving.[edit]

Hey there Chief, what doing?

Few things off the top; Firstly, hope your feeling better, you really should haul your silly ass to the sawbones. Secondly, I never stole a damned thing from you, but I think you know that. Fact is, the amount I paid out to the deck carpenter at your behest was easily quadruple what I sanctioned for myself. All discrepencies were a result of either, reciepts for inhouse purchasing promised but not provided to me, or accounts in arrears. I of course had all overdue accts. recorded & encoded in hardcopy that was among other things later lost by others in a vehicle appropriated by the adversary. Not to worry, the coding was obtuse & self-referencing - indecipherable from outside my frame of reference. I do however, still owe you two bills or so as a 10% honorarium from the profits of my last hotel engagement & will clear this up as finances allow. May be slow in coming though, I don't work much, as I'm sure you know, just as you know why.

Now, that brings me to the salient point. I must say the current state of local broadcasting has me deeply worried for the safety of employees & freelancers alike. All you need is one disgruntled employee to start leaking content to the competition & before you know it the whole network is in peril. Talk has always been around & it's cheap, content on the other hand is incontravertable. Too often I have seen security managed in the manner of closing the barn doors after the horses have escaped, and these horses can run like the wind, bite like hell & kick like death.

Put aside the fact that the whole thing sounds alot like an idea I floated around the office way back when, I'm sure it actually predates me anyway. Also the fact that a simple heads-up was never given me, despite ample opportunity. I mean I could've been warned without being included or even filled-in. It's called professional fucking courtesy. But, no matter, all done, all past. Nope, what worries me, for everyone's sake including my own, is simply a matter of record. As in, there should never, ever, be any & now here y'all are helping posterity along.

But enough of that, it's just that there's a decided lack of craft & some damn sloppy workmanship out there among the cowboys & it's nerve-wracking is all. Again, hope you're more well, keep your head down & your mind open.

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